Adventures in Styling: NYE in Las Vegas


Let me start by saying this … I can’t stand holidays like New Years Eve. To me they are “forced fun” — basically you have to go out and be social just to avoid looking like a loser when people ask you “so, what did you do for New Years.” UGH! Ever year I stress and stress over what I am going to do and I always end up doing something overpriced and overly lame.

Well … Not this year!!! This year I assisted on a styling job with Luke. It was for Kris Allen (American Idol winner) and his band. They were performing for Billboard’s New Years Eve show that aired on FOX. The job was super chill. The band was so nice and easy to work with. It was also my first time dressing men. Not as hard as I thought.

The whole experience was really awesome. Getting to travel, fancy dinners with the band, seeing a cool show (Beatles LOVE show), chillin at the spa, I even won $10 on the slot machine 🙂 — it was the fucking life!!! Definitely makes the whole transition into being a freelance stylist a lot cozier.

Here are a few pictures you can also see more on the SOS blog.



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