Adventures in Styling: My First Key Stylist Gig


I just finished the most amazing 10 hour work day! It was my first day as a key stylist on a shoot. That is HUGE! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect either. I mean, I just left the security blanket called a full time job to purse my dream of being a stylist. In that two weeks I have assisted on two editorial jobs and today I was the key for a job!

I have been assisting on shoots, in my spare time, since late August and have really been enjoying that.  Its such an amazing learning process and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was ready to jump into key stylist land. BUT the opportunity presented itself and I went for it.

The job was for a look book (I will reveal the brand and more photos in an upcoming post). I worked directly with the designer to achieve the perfect looks that she envisioned while designing. So creating looks was not only about getting something that looked great but something that pleased the client as well.

We picked out 6 key pieces from the collection and styled them to fit three themes (for three different models); retro/pin-up, downtown/soho, boho/90s grunge — totaling 18 looks.

The whole experience was really fun and showed me that this is where I belong. I am a stylist!!!

Stay tuned for a more in depth post about the shoot with more behind the scenes photos. So pumped to see the photographers photos and the completed look book too. So exciting!!! Over and out.

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