Adventures in Styling: Ash Baron-Cohen


Today I got to put on my key stylist hat again for Collective Magazine‘s April issue. It was my job to style movie director Ash Baron Cohen. Ash will be featured in the April issue.

The shoot was super chill. Ash was totally awesome and he brought some really cool pieces from his own wardrobe for me to work with. Score on that because the wardrobe selection I had was slim pickings. For reals — On a shoot with zero budget and a guy who isn’t quite sample size, it’s really tough to pull clothes.

Even with those factors in the equation, everything worked out (like it always does). With his pieces and my pieces combined, we pulled together some sweet looks. I also decided today that styling men is totally awesome. Mainly because a.) they are men and b.) mens clothing is so much simpler than womens. I mean jeans, tee, shirt, awesome jacket, plus killer shoes, and you are good to go.

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