Adventures in Styling: Alkaline Trio


This past weekend was like a styling bonanza or something. We had a shoot on Friday, then another one on Saturday.  Not like I’m complaining though, its totally awesome! I love being busy and I love getting as much experience as I possibly can get.

The shoot on Saturday was shockingly easy though. We worked with the band Alkaline Trio for a story in a magazine. We set up at Smashbox Studios in Culver and were in and out in about 3 hours. That is like the shortest work day ever in life. Beautiful. The band was so easy to work with, they were super chill and made the job that much more awesome.

We styled them mostly in black because a.) black is awesome and b.) because that’s what the photographer wanted (you always listen to the photographer). We were really happy with everything. Pretty excited to see it all laid out in the mag when it comes out.


luke storey with alkaline trio

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