Skinny Jeans with a Higher Waist Line


Q- I have a hard time finding skinny jeans that aren’t super low. Low-rise jeans are fine, but super low-rise jeans are horrible. When I bend over half my butt is on display. Do you have any recommendations on where I can buy skinny jeans that aren’t super low-rise? I love Delia’s jeans, but there aren’t many Delia’s stores in CA. I usually get them online, but I’m tired of buying them online. Any recommendations?

A-I do have a recommendation, actually! I was recently given a pair of jeans that I normally wouldn’t buy. They were from Urban Outfitters, the Silence & Noise brand. They are super-comfortable, have a higher rise, and are affordable. Definitely go and check those out.

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  1. have you tried forever 21 jeans? or from this store called papaya?
    they’re both super affordable ($25-$30 max) and if you look around you’re sure to find mid rise ones.
    i myself need those too to conceal any tummy or bloating on some days

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