Lights, Camera, Action … Awe Hell Naw!!

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Q- I have been reading your blog on a regular basis for over a year now, and I wanted to ask if you maybe have a YouTube account. I know that a lot of people do “makeup and outfit of the day” videos, and tip videos. I was wondering if that was something you do/thought about/might do, because if you so, I’d love to subscribe 🙂 If not- well, I’ll still be reading your blog! It’s extremely helpful. Thank you for being so inspirational!

A– Thanks for the question. I don’t have a YouTube channel at this time but I do have two little videos that I made last year. I hadn’t really put too much thought into doing more videos until you sent this question in. I think I avoided the whole video thing because I despise the sound of my own voice. That doesn’t stop me from talking or anything but hearing myself on video makes me cringe. In fact the two videos that I do have , I can’t watch — I have only seen them once during editing.

I suppose if I get more time or more requests for videos, I will give them another go. If anyone has a desire to hear my hideous voice or to see me on YouTube, drop me a note or a comment below. Thank you and thanks for being a longtime reader.

7 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action … Awe Hell Naw!!”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with your voice. You do however look slightly nervous and uncomfortable. Once you loosen up and treat it like an ordinary conversation with a friend, you’ll be fine.

  2. don’t hate me for being frank but I know what you are saying about your voice…and hey, not all of us are born with anchor woman voice…we love you for who you are…so YES, pls??????? 😉
    Oh and if dis is of any consolation, ppl always ask me if I’m having a sore throat!..haha…so…yah…

  3. Personally, I think there aren’t enough fashion videos on YouTube, justa whole lot of makeup vids. I saw your videos and you seem comfortable, so why not?! You could show us what you do at work, and when you do your diy projects we get to see it too! You already have tons of fans here, so you’ll get tons of subscribers. I think you should go for it!

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