Leggings, Leggings and More Leggings


Q- I love wearing leggings. They are so comfortable! I own a pair of black leggings, and a pair of jean leggings. What other styles are really versatile and popular at the moment?

A- I love leggings too! I remember when the trend just started to surface and I wanted nothing to do with it. Here we are years later and I can’t get enough of those stretchy little bastards. Anyway, I have a pretty crazy collection of leggings. I will share with you what I have in my closet and then what I think you should have in yours.

My leggings collection:

> Plain black leggings

> Black cashmere leggings with snaps down the ankles

> Leather like leggings (2 pairs – one is more leathery than the other)

> Gold lame leggings

> Graffiti print leggings

> Black sequin leggings

> Black ripped leggings

> Scarf print leggings (Versace like)

> Sass & Bide black rat leggings

So you clearly can see that I have a leggings problem and I am showing no signs of stopping my habit. I do not recommend that you purchase that insane amount of leggings. I am insane, you see — I am a fashion crazed nutcase and should be kept away from most people.

That being said, here are the leggings that I think you should have:


> Black leather like leggings

> Plain black leggings

Trendy Indulgences:

> Sequin leggings

> Ripped leggings

That’s it. Just four pair. Those are the pairs that I am getting the most use out of these days anyway.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    How are you? I was trying to find an email address or something to send you a note, but did not find it. I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your blog. I do not even remember how I ever found out about you, but being a blogger myself I came across it one day, signed up and its always a treat when I get the daily updates in my email. I just like your style and take on things. Very nice. Just wanted to put that out there.

    Yanni D.

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