How to Wear Strappy Shoes


Q- While in LA last week, I bought these booties/heels at Charlotte Russe because I’d seen a similar pair online before and fallen in love. Now that I have it, I have no idea what to wear it with. My initial plan was to wear these with leggings (tucked in of course) and an oversize vest cardigan (think Kim Kardashian’s style). Can these be worn with skirts an still look chic? I’d love some different ideas of what bottoms to pair these with.

P.S. I’ve attached a picture of the photo on the Charlotte Russe website where they paired it with tights. I live in a warm place where no one wears tights so I’d prefer any looks without tights. Leggings are fine though.

A- LOL! Sorry, I have to laugh at your “I live in a warm place where no one wears tights” thing. It’s probably true. The only reason I laugh is because I live in LA and I wear tights almost everyday. In fact, I am wearing tights right now.

Anyway enough of that, on to your question … I actually don’t think that these shoes will look all that great with skirts and dresses. I think they are a bit too clunky for that. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

My initial idea (before I read the PS part of the email) was to wear them with footless black tights, cut off jean shorts, a cool tee, and a sweater/ cardigan. That way you get to show off the shoes but in a more casual way. Something like this:

Kensie at ShopStyle

BUT since I am here to serve, here is a little idea that I am kinda feeling that involves a skirt. You know that I desperately want to add black tights to this but for you, I will resist temptation:

Lauren Merkin at ShopStyle

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