How to Wear a White Leather Jacket


Q- I just bought this great faux leather jacket from Express and now I’m being really indecisive about the color choice. I loved how the cream color gave me a clean and innocent look compared to black leather which is more bad girls vibe. I think this color will be great in the spring and summer to wear over dresses but I can’t wait that long to wear it!

So my first question is how can I wear this jacket to make it more winter friendly? And will a black leather be a better investment in the long run?

A- In my opinion, I think black is your best bet. I’ve tried on a few faux white leather jackets  and I just couldn’t make it work. There is something about that faux white leather that just looks cheap to me. Sorry, just being honest but the white makes its so hard to look real … gives off the plastic-y look.

So my advice would be to swap it out for a black one BUT if you decide that you really love the white one, I think you should wear it with black or with black and denim. Something a little like this:

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2 thoughts on “How to Wear a White Leather Jacket”

  1. I’m sorry but I disagree with Lauren. A great quality white leather jacket is a wonderful piece and a good investment. I’m dying to get one.

    I would wear it as an alternative to a regular suit jacket or blazer eg., with great pair of trousers and a simple button down shirt; or with a fitted cashmere blouse and jeans; or over a great sweater dress with opaque black hose or sexy patterned stockings for a night out on the town. Love it!!!

  2. I disagree. EVERYONE has a black leather jacket and that kinda makes it lame. I think that a well made leather or faux leather in white would be a show stopper if styled properly. I have a white genuine leather moto jacket with lace details and I adore it. I wear it in the winter over a hoody or in the spring over a tank and its fab either way.

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