How to Get Blake Lively’s Blazer Look

Q – I am obsessed with this outfit that Blake Lively is wearing. I absolutely love it, but I don’t really know how else I could incorporate that look into my closet. It’s kinda casual, but the blazer throws in a little formality. I was wondering if you could put together some outfits similar to it? I was thinking of putting maybe a graphic tee under a blazer, would that look OK? Thanks!

A- You can totally work the blazer into your wardrobe. In fact, its a wardrobe staple right now. I am constantly wearing my black vintage Versace blazer — it adds that little extra piece of awesome to any outfit.

One of my favorite looks with a blazer is: skinny jeans, vintage rock tee, blazer, and heels. Another one that I like is pairing a blazer with a mini dress and leggings.

Here is a look to get you started. Also, you can look at the Clothes off My Back section for some inspiration, my blazer makes quite a few appearances 🙂

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