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Q- I notice you wear a lot of black in your wardrobe (as do I). The other day I was looking for one item in a sea of black and it took me half an hour to sort through my various blacks to find one black turtle neck. My question is this: How do you keep all this black organized so that it is quick and easy to find things?

A- This question is so awesome. I actually bumped your question to the top of the pile due to its awesomeness. Anyway, I do wear a lot of black don’t I? I actually didn’t understand the magnitude of my clothing blackness until my Dad came to visit me in LA. He re-did all of my closets (installed shelves, etc) and made a comment about the insane amount of black in my closet. I of course acted like he was crazy and carried on with my day.  Now I realize that I do have a shit ton of black and that finding that perfect black tee isn’t as easy as it used to be.

So what did I do about it? I re-organized. I wish I could tell you that this 100% solved the problem because my organization efforts usually take for about a week at a time … tops. BUT here are some tips that might help you out:

> Hang as much as possible. Its way easier to find clothes that are hung than clothes that are buried in a drawer.

> Organize by color first. I keep the black on the most accessible side of the closet (since I wear it the most) and then go from there. All browns together, all pinks, etc … You get the point.

> Within the colors, organize by garment type. I keep all my dresses together (short to long), all my tops together, all my skirts together. This makes finding items and putting outfits together much easier.

> Keep non hanging items as organized as possible by separating them into drawers or bins. I have a drawer that is devoted to tee shirts. A drawer devoted to shorts. A drawer devoted to leggings. (I have a lot of clothes.) It makes the digging process a lot easier when it comes to looking for things

> Check the laundry basket. Seriously, whenever I can’t find my favorite shirt and tear up my whole house looking for it … its usually in the dirty clothes. So you might want to check there first 😉

Hope those tips were helpful. Readers, if you have any tips please leave them in the comments section.

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  1. I know your tips will help me out tremendously but within a week of organizing my closet, it will just get diorganized again. I guess it helps to keep me sharp in a way. I started hanging up my clothes 2 days ago and I’m still not done…!

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