Dressing For Girls and Guys … At the Same Time

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Q- I could spend hundreds of dollars on style magazines, but there is one thing I am starting to notice. Every time a guy (usually an actor) is interviewed about what he thinks a girl looks best in, he always says that girls look best when they are not trying (Ex: sweats, t-shirts, just comfy jeans).

They say what makes a girl look good is her personality. Well, I love looking put together in an outfit. I would never go out in just a t-shirt and sweats. The women whose style I admire always look chic and extremely high fashion. So my question is, how do you be stylish for girls and yet still look as if you don’t care for guys?

A- OK, I’m no guy but I do have an opinion on this. When guys say that they think “women are sexiest when they are in sweats and a tee shirt”, that type of sexy only applies after they are already have the girl. Think about it. Whenever you score the dream guy, you are dressed your best and are showing off your best assets. Right? After you have them and they are all in sprung on you, you don’t care as much about your “sexy” wardrobe AND they don’t care (as much) how you dress either. Once you are relationshipped up you end up spending most of your time lounging on the couch, bra-less and in ass hugging sweats. Of course that’s hot.

PLUS 99& of guys don’t care about your clothes. Before they get you, the sexy clothes you wear are only there to help them figure out what you look like naked. Once they’ve got you naked and they know whats up under there, they could give two craps about your clothes.

So there it is, my little opinion. If any dudes actually read this blog, I would love to know your thoughts. Leave em in the comments please.

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  1. Well I’m a guy, and i actually like it when a girl gets dressed up. It makes it look like she cares about herself, and isn’t a hot mess in sweats all the time.

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