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You may have noticed that in my last Clothes off My Back post, I added a new bracelet into the mix. You see I have a standard wristful of bracelets that I wear everyday but occasionally I will audition a new one 😉 That’s where Jessica Matrasko comes in. Now I’ll be really honest with you, I get a LOT of jewelry designers trying to shove their rinky-dink jewelry in my face to review on my blog or on ThisNext. And as you’ve probably noticed, I don’t do a lot of jewelry reviews (hardly any actually) — that’s because 99% of them suck (in my opinion).

So when Jessica emailed me, I checked out her site but with a nasty attitude (I couldn’t help it). However this time, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. I actually liked the jewelry. Her collection is pretty without being too soft. The pieces had enough “edge” that made them work for my wardrobe without being in-your-face edgy.

The bracelet I gravitated towards was the Raquel bracelet. It reminded me a lot of this Disney Couture bracelet. I’ve come close to buying that particular bracelet from Disney Couture a number of times but something about it was a little too childish for me (I guess the Disney part … lol).  So anyways, the Raquel bracelet was the perfect solution. The bracelet has the same feel but its much more elegant and grown up.

Here are some of my other favorites from Jessica Matrasko’s line:

Style Spotlight: Jessica Matrasko

Thank you to Jessica for the lovely bracelet! I love it.

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