Style Inspiration: New York, New York


Q- I will be visiting new York city for the first time in December. I am thinking of wearing skinny jeans and comfortable boots with a black coat. Do you have any other ideas? We will be there 4 days. What can I wear the other days?

A- I have never really been an advocate of comfort but when you are in New York it’s kinda key. Comfortable but stylish shoes, a coat, and a cool scarf are necessities to me. Every time I go to New York I end up walking more than I think and its always colder than I think it will be. Because I come from California I always use trips to NYC as an excuse to break out the furs, so if you are into fur (real or faux) I suggest bringing those along too. Here are a c0uple of other things I suggest you add to your packing list:

– Boots (to the knee or over the knee)

– Ballet flats

– Skinny jeans

– Leggings

– Peacoat

– Leather coat

– Scarf

– Cashmere sweater

– Black dress

Well enough of that talk. Here is an outfit to get you inspired. Have fun in NYC and do lots of shopping while you are there 🙂

Lanvin at ShopStyle

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