Style Ideas for December Graduates

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Q- I am graduating from college in two weeks and I want a cute dress to wear to graduation/after wards. Our colors are white/gold/yellow. And if you could find something not too expensive that would be great!

A- Congrats on your graduation. I bet it feels good to be getting out school. I know it felt pretty darn nice to me. Anyways, lets get you dressed.

I don’t think you should be too worried about matching up with your school colors, I mean unless you are super school spirited (totally cool if you are). The truth is, no one is going to see your outfit under that gown. So wear something that you are going to love AFTER the ceremony because that’s when everyone is going to see your dress. Also, remember you are going to be around your family, so try to stay modest 🙂

This is what I would wear if I were graduating in a few weeks (all under $150) …

Patterson J. Kincaid at ShopStyle

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