Making the Holidays More Comfortable: Sponsored by Hanes

Most of you already know that I am a pro at being in uncomfortable situations, so I am constantly trying to find ways to feel more comfortable. I tend to need comfort the most during the holidays. Fo realz. I usually feel fat and want to look skinny in front of all of my friends and family back home. Yeah I know its dumb but you know after not seeing people for an entire year, you kinda want to look hot. So with that in mind here are my top 5 tips for being comfortable during the holidays:

1.) Get your hair done: Get a new cut or a blow out right before your holiday season begins. Nothing sets off confidence like a good-looking head of hair.

2.) Get your holiday make-up on lockdown: I like to have a set look for each season. My go-to face if you will. This will make getting ready and looking good simple.

3.) Don’t hide your body: Its easy to put on the empire waist/ tent dress so you can stuff yourself full of turkey and stuff but you will regret that decisions as soon as the holiday photos surface. Wear something slimming that fits close to the body (not skin tight).

4.) Look cute underneath your clothes too: You don’t have to go all sexy with it but something as simple as wearing matching bra and panties goes a long way.

5.) Don’t obsess: Follow tips 1-4 then let it go. Try to relax and have fun with your family.

Sound good? What do you all do to keep the comfort levels on high during the holiday season? Would love to know.

One thought on “Making the Holidays More Comfortable: Sponsored by Hanes”

  1. Keep stress and overindulgence at bay by fitting in a workout every three days or so. If you can’t make time for the gym, try to walk wherever you go. You will be a merrier, more confident you all season long . . .

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