Leggings 101: How to Wear Leggings


Q- So I give up. What’s the secret to wearing leggings so that it doesn’t look like you forgot your pants? Otherwise wearing overly long tops just looks sloppy and is unflattering from the rear. 26 yo/5’9″/140

A- Honestly, I think that leggings are now so widely accepted as pants that really anything goes.You have probably noticed in the Clothes off My Back section that I frequently let it all hang out in some leggings. Heck, all of my jeans are super-tight skinnies so it’s like I am wearing leggings 24/7 anyways.

But enough about me, you do bring up a valid concern. So here is my advice to you:

> First, look at my post from a few months back on how to wear leggings the right way

> Wear a tunic (one that fits)! You don’t have to go all frumpy and baggy with it either. A long fitted tee will do the trick too. My personal rule of thumb is to cover at least half of my ass.

> Put on a jacket. Nothing says “put together” like a little jacket. This kind of pulls everything together. If you think about it, people who forget their pants probably also forget to put on a jacket. So if you have a jacket, you are golden.

> Keep the accessories on point. Wear killer shoes (I am a pretty big fan of boots with leggings in the winter myself) and accessories, that will keep you from looking sloppy.

> When in doubt — put some damn pants on! Sometimes you can follow all of the rules and it still looks jacked up. So take off the leggings and put on some skinny jeans instead. Same idea but a little more pants-like.

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