LA Fashion Collective Launch Party


The other night I headed over to the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills to meet up with stylist Luke Storey and a few of his day 2 students from the School of Style. There was a little poolside fashion party happening and I am all about supporting LA fashion — we’ve got to get ourselves on the fashion map already.

Here is the skinny on the party, straight from the folks who threw it:

“The focus of the party is to premiere some of LA’s top emerging designers as well as introduce LA’s top Fashion professionals, to the LA Fashion Collective.  The hope is that The LA Fashion Collective can initiate and gather a community of individuals who want to elevate Los Angeles designers and fashion brands to equal status of the rest of the world.  By having this social of select people we can form new ideas with the goal of producing worthy LA fashion week events. This events goal is to strengthen the talented designers we know are here, and grow their brands success for longevity.  All in the hopes to finally show that Los Angeles does have talent and integrity.”

I dig.

It’s always nice to hit up these events because you start seeing some of the same people, which really helps build the LA fashion community. Here are some pictures from the party from Luke’s camera (I have no photography skills so they are coming from him):




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