How to Dress for Thanksgiving at the Boyfriends


Q- I am going to my boyfriend’s house for Thanksgiving. His family is pretty casual. But, I want to look cute for Thanksgiving dinner. What should I wear that is cute, comfortable, and casual?

A- You’ve gotta look cute and you cannot look sexy! Not even the slightest bit. You don’t want his dad or grandpa hitting on you or his mom thinking you are a hoochie. If you are questioning your sex appeal at all, you need to change immediately. OK, end rant.

I think you should wear a little dress because that is always lady-like and cute, plus it says you put some effort into it. On top of a a very cute (and non-sexy) dress, you should throw on a cardigan and some stylish but relatively sensible shoes. I always like to put on fall colors for T-day too because well, it just makes sense.

Try something like this:

Alexander Wang at ShopStyle

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  1. Love your site … and you’re right about sexy. All good EXCEPT these shoes are too high. Waaay too hooker. Sorry! Choose a 1-2 inch heel. Otherwise, dig the outfit.

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