Help a Reader Out: Nicole from Top Model


Q- I’m not sure if you’re a Top Model fan, but I am. My money’s on Nicole. Not only is she talented, gorgeous…but she’s also stylish. Who said wearing the typical model uniform of a white tank and jeans to panel (and go sees) was required?! (Remember my email about Allison? Well, style wise, Nicole is the new Allison.)

I especially liked this dress she wore. Can you find it for me? I also like what she wore this week (couldn’t find a picture). I’d owe you a ton if you could find this gorgeous dress for me!

A- I have been missing America’s Next Top Model like crazy this season. I just haven’t been home to see it and I don’t have Tivo (crazy, I know). I searched around a bit for that dress but came up short. Readers, can you help a fellow reader out? If you know who makes this dress or know what Nicole wore last week, please leave it in the comments section. Thanks!

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