Great Customer Service Makes Me Blush


If any of you know me personally, you know that I am sucker for great customer service. That is why I hung with Verizon for so long (although I recently ditched them for AT&T and the iPhone), why I shop at Nordstrom, and why I am a Apple girl for life. I like it when companies treat the people who spend their hard earned money on their products with respect. You know?  Which brings me to this experience that made me so happy, I just had to write about it …

On Saturday after my yoga class, I decided to keep the zen going with a little shopping at DSW. I had a $10 off coupon and I wanted to put it good use. I didn’t see anything exciting and I was about to give up, until I saw the Diba Will Oh boots. They were magnificent. Thigh high boots for only $79. They didn’t have my size. Dammit. They only had sizes 5-6.5.

Being the shoe whore that I am, I stuffed my size 7.5’s into the size 6.5 boot. They fit. Kinda. They fit just enough to confirm my feelings of love at first shoe sight. So I did something that I never do. I asked the salesgirl to check if any other DSWs had the shoes. She called a few stores. They didn’t have the shoes in my size. I didn’t believe her. So I went on a mission. My dumbass went to every DSW in Southern California just to prove the salesgirl wrong. Well she was right and I was wrong. Shit.

Now I am clearly a woman obsessed because I ran home and searched for the shoes online. Found them in a few places but for $99. Not $79. Grrr … Well I sucked it up and ordered them from Zappos. I even paid an extra $7 for shipping because I want these hotties with the quickness.

Now here comes the good part … I twittered about my shoe drama and something magical happened.

Zappos was listening!!!

Zappos credited my account for the shipping, expedited my shipping to 1 business day instead of 3 AND made me a Zappos VIP.

I am so happy I could cry.

Can’t wait to wear my shoes. Thanks Zappos, you now have a shoe customer for life.

3 thoughts on “Great Customer Service Makes Me Blush”

  1. I want to see how you will wear these boots, and if you will wear them to work. This kind of boots will affect the productivity of any male co-worker.

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