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Q- A while back I had a question about how to make my look be more edgy, since I feel it is too girly. I have been trying to find harder/edgier accessories, like you said, but I still need help. Are there any accessories in particular you would recommend to do this? Any one thing you would say was a must for this look? If you could just find some options it would be so helpful?

A- You can’t go wrong with pyramid studs. Get something studded and you will be all good. I think that a studded bracelet does the trick just fine.

Here are some of my favorite edgier accessories to get you inspired to shop:

Blu Bijoux at ShopStyle

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  1. I think edgy accessory is the easy way out, for me, the definition of edgy are almost all clothes by Masion Margiela and anything in that style

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