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Q- How would you define edgy? What makes a person look edgy? What are the key pieces needed in your closet if you want to be edy?

A- Edgy is one of those fashion words that you can’t really define. Well, I can’t anyway. Everyone has a different definition. There are different degrees. There are different types of edge. You know? For example, I am wearing thigh high boots at the office today. Pretty edgy for office attire but if I headed over to a S&M joint tonight (which I’m not) I would probably look pretty tame.

Just for kicks, lets see how the old dictionary defines “edgy”:


–adjective, edg⋅i⋅er, edg⋅i⋅est.

1. nervously irritable; impatient and anxious.
2. sharp-edged; sharply defined, as outlines.
3. daringly innovative; on the cutting edge

I think definition #3 is best for our case … ‘innovative’ and ‘on the cutting edge’.

The pieces you need in your closet will vary because its a broad category in fashion. For my edgy wardrobe, I like to have plenty of awesomely dangerous/ sexy heels, skinny jeans, leather jackets, plenty of black, black eyeliner, and dark nail polish.

That’s just me.

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