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Hey everyone! Here is that cool contest I mentioned the other day. ThisNext and The School of Style are giving you a chance to win an official stylist kit. Check out the info below to find out what the contest is all about and how to enter. Good luck! Remember you don’t have to be a stylist to need this kit. You will be shocked how this little bag of tricks can help you get dressed everyday.


(from ThisNext)

There are few careers out there that are more awesome than celebrity styling. It’s a lifestyle of everything we love at ThisNext. And, we’ve got an inkling that some of you might aspire towards it too. So, we’ve partnered up with School of Style and decided to give away an Official Stylist Kit . We really want to see who’s got the chops to be a stylist though. So, enter by styling up an outfit or two (using the list tool) and by tagging all the items “TN School of Style.” Then, we’re going to have celebrity stylist, Luke Storey browse through all the looks and choose a winner.

Prize pack includes: Prop bag, gaffers tape, safety pins, black safety pins, handi-wipes, Sharpies, scissors, top stick, lint roller, tagger gun, seam ripper, sewing kit, hang tags, clips, and masking tape.

See more of my The (Official) Stylist Kit list at ThisNext.

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