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Q- Sorry, but this is probably going to be a difficult question, haha. I just recently tore my ACL, so I’ve been chillin’ in sweats and t-shirts because of my knee brace. I LOVE sport shorts and t shirts, but it was so much better when I wore them because I WANTED to, not because I have to.

I was wondering if you had any ideas on things that I could wear to, for example, football games? Something casual, and would keep me fairly warm (I live in Yakima, Washington, and it’s been getting cold already!), but something that would look better than sweats and sweatshirts (nothing against ’em, love ’em). I miss my jeans!

A- This question made me laugh. Usually I turn my nose up at sweats but for the past few weeks I have really been digging them. For real. I finally understand why people wear them … those things are comfortable!

Of course, you know me — Just because something is comfortable, doesn’t mean I am going to make it look “comfortable.” For an example, check out the outfit I wore the other day. I totally had a pair of sweat pants on (fabulous Lauren Moshi sweats) and a tee shirt, but I made it cool by adding a leather motorcycle jacket. That is a look that you could absolutely wear to a football game.

Another example of combining comfort and style is what I have on my back right now.  Right now I am wearing a pair of $5 Hanes sweats (from Target, they are amazing), a Batman tee shirt, and a leather hoodie. Comfortable but semi-stylish too.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

OK maybe not so much with the heels for you, Miss ACL

If you are really feeling anti-sweats, even after that … you can try leggings and wearing your brace over them. How bionic and cool would you look with gold lame leggings with a black ACL brace over top??? Cool, right?

Rachel Pally also makes some cool wide leg jersey pants, you can give those a try too if you are trying to conceal the brace.

Anyway, hope that was helpful and I hope your leg feels better soon!

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