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Q- Help! I am stuck in a style-rut (Do you ever feel like that? Haha!) I mean, I LOVE fashion but I feel like my wardrobe has totally become lazy and plain Jane-ish. Every time I go shopping, I end up with such basic items and nothing that really describes me. Right now I’m a first year university student, so I’m kind of low on cash. I’m a bigger girl and am really into flowers and girly tops. Oh, and I love cardigans. Can you give me some outfit suggestions or separate pieces to wear?

A- Short answer: Stop! Buy pieces that are “you”. If you pick up a boring piece at store ask yourself, “Do I already own something like this? Is this BORING?” If you answer yes, then put it down and buy something fun.

Long answer: Shop at those awful trendy stores that I hate (Forever 21, etc) but that are good for spicing up your wardrobe. Whenever I go into Forever 21, which isn’t very often, I only venture into the accessories department and sometimes the men’s department for some over sized pieces that I can work into my wardrobe. For $20 at F21 (as I call it) you can buy a bagful of accessories. Bright belts, bags, and jewelry can really do wonders for a gals wardrobe, especially when you are on a budget.

I suggest you shop for the following:

– A colorful handbag

– A fun belt to be worn at the waist (they have a cool one with a flower on it at Free People that you might like)

– Colorful, striped, and floral cardigans

– Tons of jewelry worn all at once (pick your placement … wrist full of bracelets, neckload of necklaces, or a handful of rings)

Here is an outfit idea for you too:

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

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