Marshalls Shop ‘Til It Stops with Tim Gunn


Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate enough to be a part of a great campaign sponsored by Marshalls, Shop ‘Til it Stops. Shop ‘Til It Stops runs from Oct.1-Oct.15. For each pair of shoes you buy at Marshalls, $1 will be donated to benefit The National Domestic Violence Hotline. To kick off the campaign Tim Gunn and Laura Leighton (from Melrose Place) were at the Third Street Promenade to unveil an exhibit honoring all those who take a stand against domestic violence.  The exhibit, which is comprised of six arches, features information about the cause, the names of the many organizations who have worked tirelessly to put an end to domestic violence and celebrity audio messages of support from Jennifer Love Hewitt, Joe Torre, Rosie Perez, Martina McBride, Vivica Fox, Robin Givens, Chaka Khan, Michael Bolton, and more….

The event was fantastic. Tim Gunn, Laura Leighton, and two very inspiring domestic violence survivors spoke. Then we all got a chance to walk through the tunnel, which displayed shoes and messages about the cause. It was so clear when Tim and Laura spoke, that they cared deeply about the cause and weren’t just mouthpieces. So refreshing. I also got a chance to talk to Tim and Laura after wards, which that of course was AMAZING!!! Tim was exactly like he is on television. He was so sweet and sophisticated (looked great too). Laura was beautiful and was rocking a pair of shoes from Marshalls that were a cool $39.99 but looked like million bucks.


Another amazing part of this event was the prize at the end of the tunnel … shoes! Yes, shoes. I was totally stoked and surprised to find out that we all got a pair of shoes after walking through the tunnel. I got a pair of brown, suede Coach Mary Janes. So cute.

tim-gunn-2Tim Gunn, myself (on the left with the aviators, duh) and a ton of cool bloggers

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