Looking Put Together Without Looking Put Together

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Q- My friends always tell me that I look so put together. I know they mean it as a nice way but after my friend said I looked like one of our teachers (who is actually very pretty and wears cute clothes) I have decided I need to do something. I don’t really like that overly matchy style. How can I plan away to look un-planned in my outfits? I really want that “just thrown on while still looking great look” but I can’t not plan my outfits! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

A– OK, I know you want some styled-up/ insightful answer but I don’t have one for you. You need to keep dressing the way you dress. Know why? It’s because you have style and apparently you dress like someone who has style too. People with style always look “put together.” It’s true. Let me give you a personal example.

During the day I work in an office and everyone always accuses me of looking too put together. But lets be honest, you all see what I wear everyday. I don’t always match and I dress pretty casual. So I was challenged to dress down and not look all planned and put together. Whatever, so I did it. I wore jeans, combat boots, and a white tee (and didn’t set it out the night before like I always do) and I was STILL accused of being too put together.

Get my point yet? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t so here it is again … You look cute, take the compliment and continue to be happy in your outfit planning bliss. I know that planning my outfits gives me a great deal of joy and no one is taking that away from me.

4 thoughts on “Looking Put Together Without Looking Put Together”

  1. I just discovered your blog and love it! I will definitely be back. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about not wanting to look too put together…I usually plan my outfits carefully, but I never comb my eye or apply my makeup quite properly, so I come across as a little disheveled, which works for me!! 🙂

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