Keeping Warm (and Stylish) When its Cold Outside


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Q- I recently moved out from Los Angeles to Chicago for grad school and everyone has been warning me about their winter! They say the wind chill is horrendous and it gets so cold that fashion doesn’t matter one bit once it start snowing. However, I refuse to give in and be a big marshmallow for this long winter. Could you give me some advice on winter coats, boots and layering ideas?

I am 23, 5’2″ and skinny. I do have tights, leggings (including a black patent leather one) and I’m thinking about getting a pair of Uggs, but I need some ideas that are one step up from Uggs … If that makes sense? I’m looking for warm, but not boring. Also, things that are $150 and lower would be nice.

A- So you left LA, huh? Understandable, but your new cold weather is gonna suck 😉 No, I’m sure you’ll get used to it and you won’t have to sacrifice style either. I get excited when I head to the east coast during the winter months because I get to break out my vintage furs. Furs might not be your bag but if they are, they are a great options for keeping warm and looking good. Faux fur is actually a fantastic option too. Okay now I am rambling on about fur …

Here is a list of some cold weather essentials and below is an outfit recommendation just for you!

– Fur or Faux fur: This will keep you super-warm and there totally looking stylish. You pretty much can’t go wrong here. Check out Rachel Zoe’s faux fur line on QVC, there are some great options there.

– Chunky sweaters: Wear them with jeans or with leggings. I have to say, big cozy sweaters are something that I definitely miss (and enjoy) wearing. Get some. They are totally on trend right now too.

– Circular scarves: I am obsessed with these. They will keep your neck warm and they look good enough to wear inside too.

– Knit hats: I always wear hats in the winter. Usually because I am too lazy to do my hair in the winter. But a little handmade knit hat (a lined hat will be extra warm) will be cute as can be and it will keep you warm.

– Over the knee boots: Cold weather area are perfect for these. Leather all the way up your legs are sure to generate some heat.

– Leather gloves: Gloves are so hot right  now and there are so many cute pairs. Get a pair for everyday of the week 🙂

Oh and for your UGG like alternative …

If I were you I would check up on those 24 hour sale sites. I got a pair of black UGGish boots for $50. Paying only $50 makes me feel a lot better about owning UGGish boots. BUT if you want to upgrade and spend a little more, I like these:

Tory Burch rabbit moccasins

Australia Luxe Nordic angel boots

I have also owned boots by EMU in the past and loved them. These are warm and only $90.

DKNY at ShopStyle

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