Getting My Learn On: Assisting on a Donna Trope Shoot


If you all haven’t figured this out yet — I work a lot. Like a lot! I work full time at ThisNext, I blog here there and everywhere, I do my fashion web-whore thing, and I also do some stylist stuff.

A few weeks ago I assisted Luke Storey on a shoot at Smashbox Studios. The shoot was for the London Observer. There were two separate shoots within the shoot.  The first was with a hottie male model and the second was with author Alan Weider who wrote The Year of the Cock.

To assist a shoot basically you just need to be there and ready for anything. The shoot was actually painfully easy (and pretty easy on the eyes too, thanks to Mr. Hottie Model). The craziest thing I had to do was go to Rite Aid to buy baby bottle nipples and eyelash glue. We were going to glue the nipples on the model so they baby could “breastfeed” off of him. We didn’t end up going that route but whatever, buying that stuff was totally worth the crazy reaction I got at Rite Aid.

Some other fun and exciting stuff I did was … steaming clothes (as you can see in the photos below). Anyway, the shoot was totally fun. I love styling, it’s amazing. Just know it’s not all glamorous. Check out some photos from the shoot:

Hottie male model
Hottie male model
Me getting my steam on
Me getting my steam on


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