Get the Look: Rita Hayworth in Gilda


Q– I’ve recently seen an old movie called Gilda and found Rita Hayworth’s outfits to be amazing! Can you give me a few outfits to get her look? She’s from the late 1940’s and has some awesome style!

A- Haven’t seen that movie. Of course, I haven’t seen most classic movies (I need to get on that). From the couple of pictures I found online looks like we need some fur (or faux fur), long slinky dresses, opera gloves, and just an overall glamorous look.


I created two looks for you, one is an evening look and one is for day because you can’t go walking around gowns all the time and opera gloves all the time.

Litera, perfect for evening events …

Majorica at ShopStyle

Modern twist on Rita Hayworth …

Miss Me at ShopStyle

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