Fiona Paxton Necklace As Seen on Hilary Duff

Q- Please, please, please help me find a Fiona Paxton replica necklace. I definitely do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the real thing. I know they had one on ShopNastyGal but I fail at life and waited too long so now it’s sold out! I love the black and silver one!

A- LOL! I HATE it when I decide to buy something once it’s sold out. Worst feeling ever. The fact that you can’t have it makes you obsess over it even more. You might want to try contacting ShopNastyGal to see if they can special order you one or put you in touch with the vendor directly.

The closest thing I found was this one from Banana Republic. You may want to scour Etsy too or reach to one of the sellers to ask them to make it for you.

Good luck!

Oh and readers if you find any close, you know what to do …

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