Wrist-load of Bracelets


Q- Where can I find these bracelets or something similar to them? I love mixed media jewelry and I’ve tried Etsy but do you know of any other sites that would have jewelry like this or any specifics?

A- Oh my little bracelet loving lamb … Getting an armful of bracelets extends beyond buying them all in one spot. To me, its all about collecting. Picking up a cool bracelet here and there, until you gather the perfect mix. Buying them all in one mixed media package always ends up looking cheesy. Buy them one by one, its way more fun. Here are some that I think you will enjoy:

Ettika at ShopStyle

And here are some others that I have my eye on …

> Sisco Family Jewels (a celeb favorite)

> 925 L.A. (tried on a bunch last week and fell in love)

> Chan Luu

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