Wearing Over the Knee Boots with Class


Q- I am in love with these Over The Knee Christian Louboutin Boots but am concerned about how to wear them in a way that is chic while still maintaining a level of classiness. What do you suggest pairing them with that could keep me looking stylish and sophisticated, not like I just work a street corner? I would love any advice, no restrictions on pieces of clothing (dress, skirt, pants, all great!!). Oh, and if it helps, I do love Blair Waldorf style.

A-Great question! No one wants to spend a fortune on the seasons hottest piece and then end up looking like a $5 hooker. There definitely is a way to class up an over the knee boot, for sure. When it comes to wearing these boots, you really need to keep covered everywhere else. I mean, you don’t have to cover yourself completely, but lets no over sex it … right?!

Here are a couple of outfit options that will keep you looking chic in these hot boots. Oh and when in doubt ask yourself, “Would someone mistake me for a hooker in this outfit?” If you have to think about it, even for a second … change clothes!

Cool and casual for day-

Diane von Furstenberg at ShopStyle

Sexy with a touch of “Blair” for night-

Cynthia Steffe at ShopStyle

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