Wearing Leggings The Right Way

Q- I love when people were leggings in place of pants. The look always looks so comfy, effortless, and stylish. I can’t seem to get the look right though. Either I put it with too short a shirt and should just wear jeans, or I wear to long a shirt and I look like I’m using them as leggings under a dress.

A- One word answer: Tunic.

Wear a tunic! Its not quite a shirt and its not quite a dress … Its perfect. They are really the best option when it comes to leggings, unless you have a models body — then you can wear leggings how they are pictured above.

My favorite leggings look at the moment in leather (or leather like) leggings, over the knee boots, a tunic, and a cropped jacket.

Georg Jensen at ShopStyle

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  1. i have been looking absolutely everywhere for the leggings on the model ! do you have any idea where i could purchase them?

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