Tips for Scoring Vintage Betsey Johnson Apparel


Q- What are you tips for A.) Finding 100% authentic designer duds without getting scammed AND B.) Finding vintage clothing that’s actually vintage and not falling apart or smelling funky? I want to own something 1980s Betsey, or just plain 1980s in general. Probably a cute baby-doll dress that will look good on my 5’7”, 111lb frame.” PS- I am eBaying, that’s why I ask.

A- OK, for starters I have to be honest … I hate eBay! The whole eBay thing freaks me out because you really can’t know for sure. You can look at their ratings, comments, etc … but even with that you still don’t know. I have had some good luck on eBay, but the anxiety it caused me really wasn’t worth it (I got a pair of silver Marc Jacobs combat boots in ’03 and a Louis Vuitton agenda earlier this year … both ended up being authentic but still.) So when it comes to eBay, just be careful and ask the seller a lot of questions/ detailed photos.

For vintage Betsey Johnson, I find that Etsy is pretty reliable. The selection isn’t very large at all, but I do like to check it from time to time to see what’s up. If you really want non-funky, old school Betsey — I suggest purchasing something from her Opening Ceremony line. You get all the qualities of an authentic piece without the drama/ funkiness.

That’s all I have as far as advice goes. Readers, if you have anything to say please leave it in the comments section.

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