Style Inspiration: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Q- I was wondering if you could help me by recommending clothes that boost confidence. I am very girly, and I loved Rebecca Bloomwood’s style in Shopaholic. I am going to on a shopping spree weekend with some friends in Italy this November, and wanted to know if there were some options on things that I could wear that will keep me warm but also stay in line with Rebecca’s adorable feminine style.

A- OK, for starters you will never find a certain garment that “boosts confidence”. Fo’ realz. Not to get all corny on you but confidence comes from within. Alright, that was corny but its true. If you are confident with yourself and you wear clothes that look good on YOU … then you will have clothes that boost your confidence. Get what I’m saying??? Skinny jeans from Siwy and J Brand boost my confidence but on someone else they completely destroy it.

So when you are out shopping and having a fab time with your friends, only buy things that are cut in silhouettes that look good on you. Screw trends and all that stuff. Do you.

You can however take inspiration from Confessions of a Shopaholic (items that are belted at the waist, bright colors, fun coats, cute hats). Compile a collage of looks from the movie that you love (or print out the collage I made for you above) and buy things that remind you of that look BUT they have to look good on YOU.

Got me? OK, good. Have fun shopping.

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