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Q- I live in the Southeast and with the exception of winter it seems to always be raining. Being a New Yorker, I dress for the weather and I am always confused about what to wear out on Georgia’s rainy nights.

Do you know of a way I can dress up rain boots or have any other wardrobe/ footwear suggestions??? (I have a black shiny pair that I love.)

In addition, I have 2 rain/ trench jackets but they seem to be too long to keep up with in the spring and fall being that a lot of lounges don’t have coat check. Do you have any other suggestions?

A- Can I start by saying that I am slightly jealous of you. Rain! You get rain?! Ugh. Living in LA we NEVER get rain. Seriously, I think its rained twice since I moved here. Oh and I moved here 3 years ago. Ugh. Anyway, on to your question.

Making rain boots look worthy of a night out on the town is pretty hard to do. You can definitely find nice designer rain boots and you can definitely make “cool” outfits with rain boots.  However getting rain boots all gussied up to go “out-out” is a tall order. Let me see if I can break this down for you …

> If you are trying to really dress up (like going to a place where a cocktail dress is the protocol), I would suggest wearing a patent leather shoe.  These won’t get damaged in the rain and can be wiped down when you get inside. To keep your feet warm and protected, I would suggest going with a patent boot or bootie.

Whiting & Davis at ShopStyle

> If you are doing somewhere a little more laid back (think Kate Moss), I would have fun dressing up a pair of rain boots. I love how wellies look with over the knee socks. You could wear that footwear combination with a denim mini shirt, a saucy or fun top, and a little jacket.

e.vil at ShopStyle

As for your raincoat problem. I would go with little patent leather bomber and motorcycle jackets. That way they will look chic if you decide to wear them inside. They are also small enough not to weigh you down if you opt for carrying them around.  Tory Burch makes a cute one. Another idea, is getting an inexpensive “pleather” motorcycle jacket (go to Target or TJ Maxx). That leather isn’t even close to real, so it wont get ruined in the rain.

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