Leather & Faux Motorcycle Jackets Under $200


Q- I need a cute and cheap (under $200) black motorcycle jacket leather or faux! Help!!

A- A motorcycle jacket is a must have and believe it or not, you can find some cool ones for under $200. Finding the real deal (leather) is pretty tough, but you would be surprised at how great the faux ones are these days. I actually got a faux leather bomber jacket from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and I am in love with it.

Here are my picks for you:

– Motorcycle Jacket from Mike & Chris: This jacket is soo amazing!! Its a little over your budget at $214, but its totally worth the extra $14 if you ask me.

– Bagatelle Pleather Jacket at Lord & Taylor: This one is pleather but really cute and its under $100

– Mossimo Pleather Motorcycle Jacket at Target: I couldn’t find a link to this one but I saw it at Target and fell in love with it. Its only $30 and its VERY stylish.

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