How to Wear Glammed Up Cowboy Boots


Q- I scored these great Cole Haan glammed up cowboy boots for a mere $135 on sale yesterday! It was love at first sight, they were the last pair available and a size too big (they’re an 8 and I wear a 7. I figured since you usually buy boots a size larger anyways that with a pair of thick socks they’d fit perfectly so I bought them…final sale. I got home and they fit perfectly with thick socks my only problem is that they make my feet look HUGE. I know this is mostly because of the pointy toe, but I still can’t get over the fact that my feet look gigantic in them.

What should I do? Should I just go with it and not care about how big they make my feet look? Oh and I’m totally lost at what to wear with them, can you put together a quick college casual outfit? I’m 18, 5’4 and weigh 105.


A- I hate it when that happens, fall in love with a shoe and its too big. I am just like you, I just buy them anyways 😉 In fact, my vintage cowboy boots are a size too big and it used to bug me but over time — I just got over it. That’s basically what you have to do because there aren’t any tricks that I know of to make them look smaller.

Now, what do you wear them with? I typically wear my cowboy boots with little dresses and skirt. I put them with basically anything and it instantly gives the look a cool/casual feel. I know this is like a big “duh” but last week (for the first time) I put my boots with a pair of boot cut jeans … it ended up looking amazing.

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