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Q- Do you know La Roux? A band from Britain with an eclectic looking singer, Elly Jackson. I’m really stuck on their music, and actually I also like the girl’s unique style. However, there are rumors about her orientation whether she’s gay or not, and that’s what I’d like to avoid when wearing something like her. I’m straight, so sometimes she’s a bit too masculine for me, but you know, she pulls it off totally, she’s just perfect as she is. And I know that on stage all that extreme dressing is accepted (with so much glossiness), but how could I develop a similar retro style also wearable to school without looking gay?

A- I love La Roux and Elly Jackson. Great music. Great style. I can totally help you find her style but the “how to not look gay” part — I can’t help you there.  You clearly dig her style, so go with it. Dress for yourself and if you like that androgynous look, then rock it all the way. If a chick hits on you, just say “sorry, don’t swing that way.”  The end. You know? Plus I think most of the androgyny (which stems the gay speculation) comes from her edgy hair cut (and lack of makeup). So don’t cut your hair that way. Or if you think wearing rad flats makes you look less than feminine, then just add heels to your outfit (heels are probably the most feminine thing ever in life so adding these will work wonders.) Simple pimple. Get what I’m saying? Cool.


La Roux fashion staples:

> Crazy leggings/ cigarette pants

> Unique tailored jackets

> Long gold chains with interesting charms on them

> Bad ass sneakers (high tops, Converse, etc) or go with loafers or oxfords

> Crazy 80s prints, zebra, shine, and sparkle all over the place

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