Flat Shoes for a Night Out on the Town


Q- I need some fashion advice. I’ve had four knee surgeries in the past year, and now can’t wear any heels for the forseeable future (no matter how small). I’m short and curvy and don’t feel right without my heels on, especially at night, but it’s what I need to deal with What kind of flat footwear works for a night out? How about for a formal occasion?

A- I always get so sad when I read emails like this. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t wear heels … BUT there is hope because there are some really cut flats out there. I have actually been wearing flats more and more; combat boots, flat boots, TOMS shoes, Converse, and little ballet flats. Clearly all of those examples work best for day but there are evening options for flats too.

Two words … jeweled flats.

Jeweled flats will be your best friend. Patent leather and metallic flats will also come in quite handy too for your evening looks. Here are some of my favorites that I am recommending especially for you!

Boden at ShopStyle

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