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Q- I have been watching some shows lately about makeovers for people who have lost their style over the years. All of these women have gorgeous bodies to flaunt, but they just don’t make the time for themselves. As for me, it’s a little different. I am a two-time cancer survivor and unfortunately all of the radiation treatment left me a little “different”, so my body isn’t proportional. I’ve been trying my best to find things that I could actually feel comfortable in, but it’s really hard. My right hip juts out because of surgery and is a little higher than my left. So when I stand, it looks like I have a huge “dent” in my right side because the muscle is basically gone. Also, my left leg in the thigh area is thinner because I had cancer there too and the radiation destroyed the muscle (which unfortunately I will never be able to build up). I’ve tried so many different styles to make it maybe a little less noticeable, but it hasn’t worked for me. What kind of styles should I try?

A- A two-time cancer survivor, I can’t even imagine what that is like.  I think its awesome that you have come out of it a survivor and are ready to head back into the world in style.

It sounds to me that the two things you are trying to conceal are your hips and your thigh. I think you should try some comfortable and cute trapeze dresses and loose fitting tunics.  Of course you don’t want to hide everything … so play up your calves with hot shoes, tights, and leggings.  I would also work to accent the upper part of your body with cropped jackets, and when you aren’t in the mood for a jacket … wear something to show off your arms.

The items you should probably avoid are tight fitting pants (like leggings) with shorter tops and really close fitting dresses. Of course, if you do want to wear a tight dress I would wear a nice over-sized cardigan or a boyfriend blazer with it.

I hope that was helpful. I also suggest you just try, try, try … Try on different options and work with layering, You will find the pieces that make you feel great in no time.

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