Accessorizing a Black and White Homecoming Dress


photo credit- Sam Hessamian

Q- First I’ll give you a little background info: I’m 17 about 5’6 and have an hourglass figure that I absolutely love 🙂 (big chest curvy hips). My Junior year homecoming is coming up in a few weeks (early October) and although I have my dress, I can’t figure out how to style it. I mean I know I can just wear some black heels and a black bag and some silver jewelry but I really want to make my dress stand out. I absolutely LOVE high heels, so heels aren’t a problem (anything 5.5 in and under). Thanks for your help!

A- This is an easy one! Start with colorful shoes. Easiest and most effective way to add some extra attention to a black and white dress. We should also add an interesting clutch to the mix too and maybe some jewelry too … Something like this:


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  1. Ok well it’s my first Homecoming this October and i have a black dress and it’s gorgeous but a little boring how can i spic en my look up

  2. so im going to my old schools senior prom and my dress isnt ” prom” like however that didnt stop me but it is a simple black cocktail with white triangle stripes spreaded . and i want to incorpate red within . but is red lips red purse and red heels too much ?

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