Vintage Brown Leather Jacket


Q- My mom went thrifting and got me a great brown leather jacket, and I don’t know what to wear with it. Also, I’ve got black pointy-toed leather boots that I wear all the time. Can you mix black and brown leathers? Help!

A-So funny, I got a brown leather jacket from a vintage store and I also had trouble trying to find things to wear with it. You can check out some of the photos that I added to the top of the post for some casual inspiration or you can go with my favorite look. My favorite way being, wearing a brown leather jacket with a floral dress and cowboy boots. Something about that combo get me every time. As for mixing brown and black leather, you do it if you think it looks right. I would recommend adding another black element int your ensemble to successfully pull it off. Get me?

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

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