Trend Alert: Mouse(ing) Around

Esra Roise Illustrations
Esra Roise Illustrations

As a kid I was never that into Mickey Mouse, like I was into it but I wasn’t like a full on junkie or anything. I was however really big into Mickey Mouse as a fashion statement. I am sure I have told this story a thousand times but I had this gray Mickey Mouse tee shirt when I was a kid. I wore it to bed every night, it was so rad, but one day my Mom tossed it. Maybe because I always put my knees in the shirt and completely stretched it out. Or maybe because the white fabric paint called Mickey’s face totally chipped off … Anyways, whatever the reason since then I have always wanted to work Mickey back into my wardrobe.

Cut to right now, Mickey is finally making its fashionable comeback. From vintage Mickey apparel to just wearing full on mouse ears for no reason – the mouse is cool again.

Trend Alert: Mouse Ears

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