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Q- I love the whole ‘vintage-40/50s-silver-screen’ ish look. I adore how classy the clothes are from this time. I really love the silver screen stars like Grace Kelly, Aubry Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot and their style. But I’m pretty unsure how to work their vintage clothing into my laid-back, preppy style.

I also live in a really small town and I’ve been to all the antique markets and second hand stores in town and none of them have a large selection of stylish vintage clothing, and if they have jewelry or accessories, they are super expensive heirlooms. When I do go to the city, we I usually hit the malls and not the Salvation Army.

Soooo my question for you is how can I get this stylish vintage look by buying online or from commerical stores like Wal-Mart or Zellers AND without breaking the bank.

If you could also put some looks together for me to get an idea of how to wear vintage/vintage looking pieces, or other ways (like makeup?) to add a touch of oldHhollywood to my look, that would be really helpful! I’m also not really a skirt, heel or hat wearer 😉

A- You can get yourself a comfortable classic look in a snap (and on a budget.) You need to channel Audrey. I am talking black cigarette pants, black tops, little ballet flats, pearls, and sunglasses. Those pieces are so classic, so you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

Rampage at ShopStyle

As for hair and makeup, go simple too! Pull your hair back loosely and away from your face and wear minimal makeup.

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