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Q- I will be receiving a laptop for my work in the next few weeks and will be required to bring it to and from work with me.
I have been looking around for a nice laptop bag to tote with me that will be stylish and business fashion forward. I knew if anyone would have some great ideas it would be you. 🙂

I need a bag that is large enough to also pack other things in it as well, like my lunch and umbrella. I commute on the train to and from work and lugging too much around can become a hassle very quickly.

Any suggestions or maybe what store to look at would be very helpful.

A- I am always hunting for the best way to lug my laptop, my lunch, and notebooks to and from the office. I have gone through a ton of laptop bags that I loved (then got sick of) and many other “carrying” case options. Right now, I am working with a Betsey Johnson laptop sleeve (that has a handle) and am tucking that inside a large canvas tote. That option is actually working out quite well for me. It looks pretty chic on the outside, but is fun and kinda crazy on the inside.

If you don’t want to play with that option, here are some of my favorite and roomy laptop cases:

Maeve laptop tote, which is sold at J Tote for $145. I like it because its stylish and looks like a handbag.

– The Athena, which is sold at Kolobags for $49 (originally $81)

– Then there is the mack daddy of the laptop totes (pictured above) … The Minimalist for $285.

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  1. Love the Maeve at! Looks like they are selling samples for $75 in the afric, melania and saoirse. They come with a wallet, too!

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