Styling a Vintage Capelet


Q- I was hoping you could help me come up with outfits for this vintage cover-up. (I believe it’s called a capelet?) I don’t really know hoe to wear it because it has a really diff shape. Do you think it’s still worth wearing?

A- Is it worth wearing? Yes, totally!!! It the perfect piece for making a casual outfit look chic. Wear it with something super plain like black leggings, black over the knee boots, and a simple black top. It’s like a no-brainer outfit that will totally look stunning. You could also glam it up a bit with a little Jackie-O style dress, sexy pumps, and red lipstick. Or wear it like I have it pictured above with a printed dress (something in the red or hot pink family) or just with some great fitting jeans.

caplet* Readers capelet

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