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Q- I dress so boring. My non-work outfits seem to always be white or black t-shirts with boot cut jeans. I LOVE clothes but I am so confused about what would look nice on me (especially the type of jeans I can wear). I am 24 and I am not sure how to dress my age or body. Would you please give me some ideas of what to wear in the fall? I am 5’6 and around 140lbs. I have large hips/thighs and a very large butt. I am also fair skinned. Even though I don’t have a style now I do love things with feminine details. I would also like to incorporate a little more edge into my wardrobe. Also my budget is tiny.

A– OK, stop dressing so boring!! Bring some color into your life and some fabulous shoes for goodness sake! You can look fabulous (and not boring) in jeans and tee shirt by adding a few elements to the look. Try adding a nice cardigan or a leather jacket if you want something edgier. Throw on some accessories; a cute necklace or a little scarf. Adding accessories is the most efficient way to add some style to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Here is your boring outfit with a non-boring twist:

Kitson at ShopStyle

A bootcut jean is perfect for you because it will help balance out your shape. Adding pointy pumps to the mix will elongate you and make you look thinner. I also went with a v-neck tee and a wrap cardigan, which is very slimming and draws the eye down. Finishing the look with a fun necklace will immediately remove you from boringsville too!

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